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Huetensil is independent singer/guitarist/songwriter Hugh Wygmans’ musical alter ego.  A bit of a freak, he’s primarily a power pop musician with a hard edge and an indie singer/songwriter ethic.  He combines ecstatic guitar riffs with honest, intelligent lyrics that he delivers with stunningly versatile vocals.

On stage, he’s a high energy spectacle.  Filled with nervous energy, constantly moving as he sings, plays guitar or both.  As he says in “Addicted.”  “I just love standing on the stage / My heart is racing and my voice is filled with rage.”  You get the picture.  He puts everything he has into each performance.  Usually ending the evening with sweat pouring from him, exhausted but content that he’s given the audience his best.

As Huetensil and as the frontman for the progressive rock band Question of Honour, he’s been heard on over 100 radio stations in eight countries.  He’s also had a lot of nice things written about his music.

Huetensil's official web-site.

Question of Honour

Question of Honour

Smart and bizarre, angry and soft, engaging and disturbing, Question of Honour serves their audiences a sound that is varied, unique and unforgettable.  A kick-ass progressive rock band that combine intelligent, intense lyrics with subtle yet powerful music.  Heavily influenced by the arena rock bands of the 70's and 80's, Question of Honour’s music cut across genres without hesitation.

Hugh Wygmans’ stunning and versatile vocals are backed by a band that is equally comfortable playing melodic bedroom pop as they are driving hard rock stadium anthems home.  Not to disregard his talents as a guitarist, Hugh has chops to burn which he uses with surgical precision.

Under it all are the rock solid performances of Ken Pitchford's bass playing and David Wygmans' drumming.  Both musicians possess dexterity in a variety of styles but they use discretion in their playing.  Listen closely and you'll hear drum fills and funky bass lines that act as a foil to Hugh's straight-ahead guitar-playing.

Question of Honour's official web-site.



The long defunct Skor was originally formed back in the 80's by two guys from Detroit, who hadn't previously known each other, and two brothers from Jackson, Michigan, who did know each other.  They played shows wherever they could get gigs, which mostly amounted to house parties, but also included clubs like Rick's in East Lansing, Michigan.

Membership of the band changed a lot over time, fluctuating from a trio to a five piece band.  Seven people can boast membership in the band, not including everyone who "sat in" for a show or two.  Along with the membership changes, came style changes.  Basically, depending on when you saw the band, they were heavy metal, L.A. rock, new wave, pop or original.  Sometimes they could be all of these rolled into one!  Very confusing, but a lot of fun.

Highlights for the band included recording a five song E.P. called "...long way home," getting tons of radio play on the then fledgling FM radio station WDBM and having two videos produced, neither of which were ever released.


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